Modern Compact House in Tokyo. Located near the center of Tokyo, Reflection of Mineral is a modern 480 sq ft (44 sq m) house designed by Japanese architect Yasuhiro Yamashita.

Celebrity Haircut Ideas. 18 Pretty Celebrity Haircut Ideas To Take to the Salon. Forget the whole cookie-cutter Hollywood hair thing—there's a whole range of celebrity hairstyles to get inspired by these days. From textured short cuts to blunt bangs to sexy layers, find your new dream haircut here.

Haircut Idea: Michelle Williams' Short Boy Cut

Celebrity Makeup Looks. We watch the red carpet for the glitz, the glamour, and the genius makeup ideas. The artists behind our favorite looks spill their secrets.

Sienna Miller's Classic Red Lips
Miller proves why a crimson mouth is the time-honored look for screen sirens and ingenues; makeup artist Emma O'Byrne gave it a modern twist with shimmery cheeks."
Get the Look: 1. Drag a black liner along the upper lids, going just past the outer corners of the eyes. O'Byrne recommends using gel liner, which "doesn't move and looks great." Top with black mascara.2. Swirl a pink-y brown powder blush on the apples of the cheeks, then highlight: Rub bronze shimmer powder into the cheekbones and champagne shimmer powder just above them.3. Paint on a coat of deep cherry lipstick. For a bold mouth, bust out a lip brush; for a softer approach, pat the lipstick on with your finger.

Tattoos on their faces

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Tattoos on their faces. These people do not know by hearsay, that is a pain, because they had volunteered her time and again illuminating face and body with numerous patterns.

Graffiti in Tokyo

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Graffiti in Tokyo. The streets of Osaka is not at all - they are there, but you can walk a mile in the city center and found only two slovenly tag. In Tokyo, you will be hard to walk a hundred meters in the center of town and not meet a single tag or sticker.

Jessica Simpson Pregnant

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Jessica Simpson Pregnant

Jessica Simpson Pregnant. Something to tell us? Jessica Simpson sparks more pregnancy rumours as she covers up her curves in loose top on Mexican holiday.

She denied rumours she is expecting her first child earlier this year.

But it seems Jessica Simpson may just have been keeping mum on her happy news, judging by photographs of the star on holiday in Mexico yesterday.

The Most Intelligent Animals Of The World. Intelligence of animals can sometimes be a real hit. For example, a chimpanzee Kanzi at age 29, knows about 450 words and can communicate with a person using a computer. Every day he uses about 30-40 words. But not only chimpanzees are known for their incredible ability to think logically.

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