Multi Colored Ants

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These ants actually demonstrate the truth statement "We - that is what we eat".

 A very interesting art of Disks. You would like it.

Famous August birthdays
Famous August birthdays. An NFL quarterback, Spice Girl, child star and U.S. president are among the celebrities with August birthdays. Scroll through to discover who else will celebrate a birthday this coming month.

Two Cats Share the Road

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Funny two false flax decided to walk the fence, one towards each other.

Full-Figured Fashion Shows

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 Full-figured fashion shows. Enjoy a unique fashion show. Enjoy your life although you are fat.

Secrets of Longevity

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Secrets of Longevity
Secrets of Longevity. Dr Deepak Chopra prescribes 10 simple rules for ageing with health and happiness in his "most optimistic book" Ageless Body, Timeless Mind - A Quantum alternative to growing old. Here's an interpretation:

Oldest people in the world
Oldest people in the world. The following ten individuals are all tri-centinarians, that is, people who have lived in three different centuries; the 19th, 20th and the 21st.
1. Gertrude Baines
Born April 6, 1894 

Gertrude Baines was born to former slaves in Georgia in 1894 and lived much of her life in Ohio, working as a house mother at a state college before divorcing and moving to Los Angeles, where she now lives in a nursing home, CNN reported Saturday. Her only child, a daughter, died at age 18 of typhoid fever, CNN said.

Baines, who voted for Barack Obama for president, said only God knows why she has lived so long. Ask him. I took good care of myself, the way he wanted me to, Baines said.

Life expectancy by country 2011
Life expectancy by country 2011. According to the CIA, residents of the United States just don't live as long as people from other countries. The American diet, with meals like these, may be one of the contributing causes.

Want to find out who's going to be around for longer? Scroll through this list of the top 20 countries where life expectancy is the longest.

Crazy Celebrity Twitter Pics
Crazy celebrity twitter pics. Actress Jenny McCarthy recently tweeted a picture of herself at an alarming weight to prove she packed on the pounds during her pregnancy. She's not the only star who has posted surprising images on the social networking site. Some are silly, others are just strange. Let's take a look.

Unique Gas Station In China

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Lets see how they put gas in the scooters in china.

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