Facebook introduced a new format for user profiles. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at F8 conference developers in San Francisco presented an important update of user profiles, called Timeline. Innovation is a user-generated content aggregator, designed to display the full user profile on the same page in descending order of time, with all the videos, photos and posts.

Mantis Hunting Goldfish

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Mantis Hunting Goldfish. According to the British Daily Mail reported that the U.S. wildlife photographer Scott Cromwell captured the amazing scene: a big hungry mantis staring at the fish tank next to the long, eventually stretching claws remove a dead fish tank Goldfish prepared meal. 40-year-old Scott said: "I found a home in the fish tank in the sudden death of goldfish floating on the water, and I fed a large mantis not feeding pet has a number of days, I am very curious to see dead goldfish will mantis beggars I put praying mantis on the edge of the tank, waiting for its performance. "
It may be one of the few natural prey mantis devouring death, living in the United States, Oklahoma Scott, said: "As the only praying mantis in the hungry, I guess it might clean up dead fish for me to complete the work, now I take pictures very satisfied mantis with a lot of time to observe the aquarium fish, it is very cautious. "
Finally, after a period of observation of feeling no danger, mantis probe into the body picked up the dead fish in the tank, climbing during the claws are still firmly on the edge of the tank. While preparing a meal when the mantis, mantis claws Jinzuan Scott will take away the body of dead fish, he expressed concern that Mantis will be fish in the fish biting stabbed.

Celebrities Real Names. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood weren't born with them. But now it’s time to reveal their real names and compare both variants.

Lady GaGa - Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

Emmy Awards 2011: Lea Michele joins the red hot ladies in the night's bold colour of choice. The A-list ladies were ready to paint the town red as they arrived for the Emmy Awards in Los Angeles last night.

It was the colour de jour as the actresses rolled out for television's night of nights.

The early buzz was about Michele's sophisticated Marchesa dress; she had the look of a seasoned star instead of starlet.

Serb Mother Magnet

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Serb Mother Magnet
Serb Mother Magnet. Serb mother claims son, nephew are human magnets. Two small boys from a central Serbian town are able to attract metal objects, acting much like human magnets, according to their mother. It's a claim that is raising doubts among some experts.

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