Facebook introduced a new format for user profiles. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg at F8 conference developers in San Francisco presented an important update of user profiles, called Timeline. Innovation is a user-generated content aggregator, designed to display the full user profile on the same page in descending order of time, with all the videos, photos and posts.

Mark Zuckerberg addresses the audience at the conference Facebook f8.
Mark Zuckerberg (left) and comedian Andy Sandberg at the conference
Mark Zuckerberg and comedian Andy Semberg found common ground.
Comedian Andy Sandberg in the role of Director of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.
Andy Sandberg laughs Mark Zuckerberg.
Mark Zuckerberg rated joke Semberga.
In the largest social network in the world will soon take place not stalwart magical change of scale.
The first thing that will be reconfigured - user profiles.
Now, all user information - photos, statuses and other materials - will be published in chronological order.
Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated a new feature «Timeline» smartphone. Facebook in the new format will also for mobile devices.
Zuckerberg said that now fill out a profile in Facebook will be fun and easy. In the picture: the comedian Andy Sandberg.
Timeline will make the sample by type of content, placed on the page. For example, you can view only pictures or only the status messages.
All news related to the different updates, will be collected in separate bands, ie the users finally get rid of intrusive messages.
"We wanted to create a place where you'll feel right at home" - said Mark Zuckerberg.
New features make Facebook a virtual life are so rich, it raises the question: when do the real life?
Mark Zuckerberg and his childhood photos.
The second important innovation is represented on the Facebook F8, - «an open social graph." This includes a new format for user information, which appears in the social networks and that is seen by his friends. People are invited to "share" everything.
In Facebook you can collect the entire story up to the culinary experiments and share it all with "friends" to receive comments, suggestions and more.
Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated the function
Facebook also announced the launch of the new media platforms that allow users to share videos, music and other content, as well as impressions of him in real time.
According to Russian officials Facebook, our market is likely there will be local partners, who provide their content to social networks.
"We are more than what we have done in recent years" - said Zuckerberg, representing the Timeline.
In addition to status and photo developers offer to do on your page and geographic mark in such a way to collect travel map.
Access to some information would be open to all friends, or groups of friends.
The developers propose to place in Facebook is not only fresh photos, and upload old family photos, baby pictures and stuff.
Mark Zuckerberg is the changes in the applications of Facebook conference in San Francisco.
The head of the largest social network in the world, Mark Zuckerberg.
Executive Director of streaming video from Netflix Reed Hastings also participated in the conference, talking about what's new on video.

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