Birds in your pants

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Birds in your pants. Props to whoever noticed bird poop on a smuggler's socks. The smuggler passing through LAX turned out to have 14 birds in his pants when he was busted. Of course the inspectors were onto him already because he'd previously left behind a suitcase full of contraband birds.

Those responsible for allergies in all its glory. People with allergies to grass pollen, can now look at its principal enemy in the face - and all thanks to pollen photographs made ​​by scanning electron microscope . Swiss scientist Martin Oeggerli using scanning electron microscope to take photographs of pollen grains in your basement.

Casey Anthony Party Photos

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Casey Anthony Party Photos. Casey Anthony, the Florida woman who definitely killed her 2-year old daughter Caylee Anthony a few years ago and dumped her body in a nearby forest, was found “Not Guilty” today. EPIC JUDICIAL SYSTEM FAIL. One piece of evidence that the prosecution used in an attempt to prove Casey Anthony’s guilt was a collection of photos that were taken in the weeks after Caylee Anthony’s disappearance (which was never reported to the police by Casey). Do these look like photos of a woman whose 2-year old daughter recently vanished? By the way, if you notice an abundance of douchebag redneck idiots in these pictures, it’s because they were all taken in Florida.

The world's largest chocolate

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The world's largest chocolate. Yesterday in Chicago, Illinois, company Worlds Finest Chocolate presented its new achievement - a huge chocolate bar weighing 5 kg 574.65. This mega-chocolate company was established for the next attempt to set a new Guinness world record, and successful. Chocolate height of almost 91 cm long and 6.4 meters furnish the holder of the previous record by nearly a ton.

Chocolate is made from 544 kg of almonds, 2494 kg sugar, 907 kg of milk powder, 771 kg of butter, cocoa and chocolate liquor 635 kg. Tiles will travel round the U.S. in the educational campaign called "Think big. Eat wisely. "

Old Books Used as Canvas

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Old Books Used as Canvas. Los Angeles based artist uses ink, colored pencils, and paint to depict whimsical characters.

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