Celebrity Makeup Looks. We watch the red carpet for the glitz, the glamour, and the genius makeup ideas. The artists behind our favorite looks spill their secrets.

Sienna Miller's Classic Red Lips
Miller proves why a crimson mouth is the time-honored look for screen sirens and ingenues; makeup artist Emma O'Byrne gave it a modern twist with shimmery cheeks."
Get the Look: 1. Drag a black liner along the upper lids, going just past the outer corners of the eyes. O'Byrne recommends using gel liner, which "doesn't move and looks great." Top with black mascara.2. Swirl a pink-y brown powder blush on the apples of the cheeks, then highlight: Rub bronze shimmer powder into the cheekbones and champagne shimmer powder just above them.3. Paint on a coat of deep cherry lipstick. For a bold mouth, bust out a lip brush; for a softer approach, pat the lipstick on with your finger.

Minka Kelly's Bronze Flush
A healthy dose of bronzer and blush makes Kelly look radiant. "I was inspired by her amazing tan and her off-the-shoulder dress," says her makeup artist, Matthew VanLeeuwen. "She reminds me of a young Sophia Loren."
Get the Look: 1. Brush a shimmery beige shadow on lids and a golden brown in the creases. Then line the eyes with a plum pencil. "It makes eyes pop more than black," he says. Add black mascara.2. Dust bronzer from the cheeks up to the temples, then swirl a rosy blush on the apples and blend.3. Finish with a coral-pink lipstick. "The warmth of the shade clashes with the bluish pink blush in the most beautiful way," he says.

Emma Stone's Electric Pink Lips
Highly pigmented hot pink lips are vivacious and sexy. "I love how striking the color looks against Emma's pale skin," says Mark makeup artist Mai Quynh, who created her look.
Get the Look: 1. Swirl a pink blush on the apples of the cheeks.2. For shiny lips that last, layer on products like Quynh did: Use a vivid lip color topped with a similar shade of gloss.3. Stay simple on the eyes with neutral shadow and a stroke of black liquid liner on the upper lids, plus mascara.

Kate Winslet's Ethereal Glow
Winslet radiates without any help from the sun—or bronzer, for that matter. "Even on the red carpet, I love letting her natural beauty show through," says makeup artist Linda Melazzo.
Get the Look: 1. Prep the skin with foundation. Then dust gray shadow on the lids, line the inner rims with a slate gray pencil, and add black mascara.2. Rub peach cream blush on the apples and blend up to just under the cheekbones. Top with a similarly colored powder blush.3. Dab a luminizer on the inner corners, the middle of the eyelids, and the cupid's bow. Finish with a beige-y pink lipstick and gloss.

Keri Hilson's Lashes and Lips
"Women with dark skin can handle playing up both their eyes and lips without looking overdone," says Mary Kay makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff, who created Hilson's look.
Get the Look: 1. Trace a silver-flecked black liner all the way around the eyes, then smudge the color past the outer edges using an angled brush. Add individual lashes to the outer corners, and apply black mascara.2. Grabbing a big fluffy brush, swish on bronzer in two arcs "from the temples to the cheekbones and from the cheekbones to the jawline," Sheriff says. Swirl coral blush on the apples.3. Dab on bold orange lipstick. "If you want a subtler look, apply it only on the bottom lip, rub your lips together, then blot," she says.

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