Lindsay Lohan court Actress led away court handcuffs judge revokes probation

Lindsay Lohan court Actress led away court handcuffs judge revokes probation. Tearful Lindsay Lohan led away from court in handcuffs after judge revokes probation

  • Mean Girls star taken into custody after hearing
  • Has been released after posting bail and will not spend time behind bars
  • But still not in the clear yet - she face another hearing on November 2
  • Probation relates to star's necklace theft earlier this year

A tearful Lindsay Lohan was led away from court in handcuffs and taken into custody today after a judge blasted her for violating probation.

The troubled actress, 25, had her probation revoked pending a November 2 hearing after Judge Stephanie Sautner slammed her for failing to complete time at the Downtown Women's Centre.

The Mean Girls star is now understood to have been released after posting $100,000 and will not spend time behind bars - for now, at least.

The outcome is pending a the November hearing, which was scheduled by the judge today, where the court will hear further testimonies before deciding on the course of action.

The actress was sentenced to 360 hours community service earlier this year as part of her sentence for stealing a gold necklace from a jewellery store.

During the hearing, Sautner asserted Lohan had managed to wilfully get herself kicked off the programme by cancelling on the women's centre nine times.

Lohan welled up as her lawyer Shawn Holley Chapman fought her corner, pointing to the 'glowing report' by the Probation Service.

But despite Lohan completing some volunteer work this week at the Red Cross, the judge ruled it as void because it was not part of the sentence she had specifically stipulated at an earlier hearing.

She says Lohan should have gone to the morgue for clean-up duty to complete some of the hours of community service instead - which was the second part of the probation Sautner had originally stipulated.

'Nobody has the power to change my sentence,' said an incredulous Sautner.

Packing punch after punch, an unimpressed Sautner told Lindsay: 'Probation is a gift as I see it. There is something called looking a gift horse in the mouth.'

Sautner was also perplexed as to why the Probation Service had given Lohan such a positive report.

She said her work this week at the Red Cross would not count towards the 60 days of community service Lohan has been ordered to complete.

Sautner also estimated that Lindsay has only managed to fulfil three days out of the 60 so far, also taking into account the time taken to complete a shoplifters course.

She noted that Lindsay had been a no-show at the women's centre nine times and had only managed to do around a day-and-a-half there.

Sautner suggested it was Lohan's inability to keep to schedule and disruption of the programme that eventually left women's centre with no option but to cancel her role there.

The star pulled up to the courthouse at 9.55am for the 10am hearing at the Airport Branch Courthouse.

Dressed in an eggshell blue dress and white scarf, the actress was also sporting rather heavy handed make-up.

She had her hair tied back in a ponytail and stepped out of her black Cadillac Escalade to a barrage of flashbulbs.

The Mean Girls actress has also served 35 days under house arrest this year as part of her sentence for the necklace theft.

The actress' once promising movie career has been derailed by multiple trips to jail and rehab since 2007.

The judge dismissed Lohan's lawyer Holley's argument that the actress had to go abroad to work, where she has been seen partying over recent weeks in Europe.

'She is supposed to be an actress from what I hear,' Sautner said.

Holley admitted that 'unfortunately' Lohan's career opportunity are not in America right now and that she has been to Europe to earn money to support herself and her family.

But Sautner was more concerned about the logistics of how Lohan had attended weekly appointments with her U.S.-based shrink, which was part of the terms of her probation.

While the psychological report said she had attended every week, Sautner was doubtful, pointing to the time frames of Lindsay's flights between various European destinations.

Sautner said Linsday should serve 16 hours at the morgue on clean-up duty between now and her next court hearing in an attempt to mitigate the current situation, if she posts bail and is released.


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