Punk Festival in Blackpool English town. pictures taken last Thursday in the seaside English town of Blackpool, where he was a regular gathering of British punk - a festival of "Rebellion" (uprising). Punks - a youth subculture that emerged in the late 60s - early 70s in the UK, U.S., Canada and Australia, characterized by the critical attitude towards society and politics.

From punk-rock is closely related to the name of the famous American artist Andy Warhol and his team produceable Velvet Underground. Their lead singer Lou Reed, considered the father of alternative rock flow that is closely associated with punk rock. Pankey also have a very strong alliance with some other subcultures (metal, goth, etc.) American band Ramones is the first band to play music in the style of "punk rock". Punks have different political views, but mostly they are committed to socially oriented ideologies and Progressivism. Common views are the desire for personal freedom and complete independence (individualism), non-conformism, the principles of "no sale", "rely on itself» (DIY) and the principle of "direct action. Other destinations in the policy include punk nihilism, anarchism, socialism, antiauthoritarianism antimilitarism, anti-capitalism, anti-racism, antiseksizm, anti-nationalism, antigomofobiyu, environmentalism, vegetarianism, veganism and the struggle for animal rights. Some individuals are related to the subculture, hold conservative views, neo-Nazis (Nazi punk), or apolitical (horror punk). Many punks dye their hair unnatural colors in bright, comb and fix them with varnish, gel or a beer, so they stood upright. In the 80's with punk hair style became fashionable "mohawk". Wear jeans tucked into heavy boots or tucked under a short heavy boots (banks) and sneakers. Some pre-soaked in a solution of bleach jeans, so they went red stains, and wear shoes. Manner of wearing sneakers beginning band Ramones, and the very manner that they borrowed from a Mexican gang (also referred to as "Latinos"). Jacket leather jackets - was borrowed as a rock 'n' roll attribute of the 50s, when the motorcycle and rock 'n' roll were inseparable components. The first wave of punks tried to return the rock music of the same deliberate bullying and a drive that eventually took away the mass commercialization of music. Some believe that the real, ideological punks already almost gone. You can find punk clothes sewn fashion designers expensive, and accordingly, bought for a lot of money, which the ideological punk can not be by definition. Today's punks - it is rather freaks of modern middle class. At the annual punk festival "Rebellion" (uprising) in Blackpool gathered thousands of punks. This year, the famous seaside city witnessed a clash of musical cultures of music, as the traditional punk rally was held simultaneously with the competition ballroom dancing for older people.

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