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Bunker Wikileaks. Celebrated today throughout the world Julian Assange, owner of the site WikiLeaks, from the outset anticipated persecution, which is inevitably connected with such activities. Therefore the site, which caused all the fuss is hosted on multiple servers that are located in different countries, including Sweden. WikiLeaks rent two servers, the company Bahnhof, one of the largest hosts Sweden.

Servers assigned to WikiLeaks is one of the ultra-modern and ultra-secure bunker under the name Pionen (the title translates as "peony").
This bunker was built during the Cold War and was part of the defense system of the central Stockholm. In the bunker was immediately provided space for offices, operations center, for the staff room, bedroom, kitchen, and the filter system of radioactive fallout, a warehouse for gas masks, etc. Its main purpose was to withstand a direct hit of the hydrogen bomb and allow the sheltering to survive.
Today the bunker located 800 server data center ISP Bahnhof, two of which are available for the site WikiLeaks. Today, according to chief Pionen Anna Mossberg, these servers are specially set aside from the general mass, but they continue to work as before because the work under the contract can be terminated either because of unpaid bills, or on receipt of official notification of the authorities of that customer ISP is busy in illegal activities. Since none of these events is not the case, then the work of the servers must be provided in full.
Bunker, which is located Pionen, located underground at a depth of 30 m, directly under the street Vita Berg Park.
Looking at the interiors, an analogy can not help with movies about super-spy and space battles. And it's not a coincidence. Interior design was developed in the architectural office of Albert France-Lanorda, and the basis was taken from a movie Bond - "Moonraker" (1979). So much here is really much like a lunatic asylum billionaire Hugo Drax.
The total area of ​​the surrealist center is 1110 square meters, and all that is hidden underground in solid granite monolith. During the construction of the center already existed bunker had to be expanded further to accommodate all the necessary hardware of computers. To do this, had with explosives to destroy and extract to the surface an additional 4,000 cubic meters of solid rock.
Of old equipment bunker left here quite a bit. Today it's much more like a fantasy spaceship.
The hotel staff provided the working simulation of daylight, the walls of the hopper walls are more like a beautiful conservatory, there is even a man-made waterfalls. This embodiment of an ideal fantasy "cyberspace."
The emergency power supply hopper is based on the same diesel generators that are installed on submarines. And probably a joke in the bunker through a voice warning system, taken from the present German submarine.
This bunker is hidden architectural wonders of a lot of amazing. There is a huge conference hall, as if descended from the screen of the Star Wars films, there is a great aquarium for 2600 liters. First, in the aquarium wanted to put piranha and octopuses, but these animals are still demanded too easy to care, so they decided to "confine" normal marine fauna.
CEO and founder Jon Bahnhof Karlung emphasizes that these facilities, unlike in other areas of Internet service providers, should first ensure the comfort of working people here. In addition, interesting interiors and increase the payoff of human labor, which certainly is beneficial to the company.
But today the main glory, and the main interest in the sector are exactly two Bahnhof server that provides the site Wikileaks . And though the address is no longer available WikiLeaks.org many geographic domains are still assigned to the scandalous project.
Sam Julian Assange is now in the British prison, and he refused even to grant bail. He was taken into custody when the December 7 itself, voluntarily went to Scotland Yard. Now within 21 days to be negotiated extradition Assange in Sweden, where he has made ​​a number of charges that do not relate to the work site, and the validity of which very few people believe.

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