'Survivor' winners Where are they now?
'Survivor' winners. They outwitted, outlasted and outplayed and won the grand prize. With the upcoming season finale this Sunday of "Survivor: Redemption Island", we see what past season winners have been up to while off the island with their winnings.
Richard Hatch
When: Season 1, Borneo
Then: Worked as a corporate trainer in Newport, R.I.
Now: Has been battling the federal government concerning his winnings and was recently handed down a heavy ruling
Tina Wesson
When: Season 2, Outback
Then: The Tennessee native, wife and mother of two was working in the health care field.
Now: She was the oldest female to win the competition. She wrote a book about life's challenges and is an accomplished racquetball player
Ethan Zohn
When: Season 3, Africa
Then: After graduating from college, he became a professional soccer player in an African country and played for a Massachusetts team and a Hawaiian team.
Now: Has been battling a deadly disease, with recent good news, and started a nonprofit soccer organization.
Vecepia Towery
When: Season 4, Marquesas
Then: The Northwest native  was the first frican-American contestant to win.
Now: Had a baby and was featured on a TLC documentary show
Brian Heidik
When: Season 5, Thailand
Then: Worked as a soft-core porn star with his wife and played football in college
Now: Was arrested in 2006 after his wife called police because he allegedly shot a family pet with an arrow.
Jenna Morasca
When: Season 6, Amazon
Then: Was a college student, worked as a swimsuit model and in professional wrestling.

Now: Did a pictorial for this racy magazine, dated another "Survivor" winner and they appeared in another reality series
Sandra Diaz-Twine
When: Season 7, Pearl Islands. Season 20, "Survivor: Heroes & Villains" in Samoa
Then: The wife and mother of two children worked as an office assistant in this Southern town.
Now: The two-time winner lives in Fayetteville, N.C., and works as a bank teller
Amber Brkich
When: Season 8, "Survivor: All-Stars" in Pearl Islands, Panama
Then: Was a contestant on "Survivor: Outback", posed for this male magazine and married a fellow contestant.
Now: She and her husband appeared on a racing reality show and have two children.
Chris Daugherty
When: Season 9, Vanuatu
Then: Worked as a heavy equipment operator in his home state.
Now: Married his girlfriend at this unlikely place and landed in hot water with his employer in connection with a "Survivor" event.
Tom Westman
When: Season 10, Palau, Brazil
Then: The New York City native and father worked in a dangerous but revered profession for more than 20 years.
Now: Quit his job in 2005 to focus on being a motivational speaker and returned for "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains." Is he considered a hero or villain?
Danni Boatwright
When: Season 11, Guatemala 
Then: Was a beauty queen, competed in a national pageant and finished as first runner-up to a famous actress.
Now: Married to a football player for the Kansas City Chiefs and works in sports broadcasting for this local channel
Aras Baskauskas
When: Season 12, Panama
Then: Played NCAA basketball for a California school and lived in South Africa to study a disciplinary exercise.
Now: Founded and owns a winter hat company and is a yoga instructor in Santa Monica, Calif.
Yul Kwon
When: Season 13, Cook Islands
Then: He attended a prestigious California school, finished law school at another Ivy league school and was an aide for a prominent senator.
Now: In 2009 was appointed to a government post and married his girlfriend; the wedding aired on the TV Guide channel
Earl Cole
When: Season 14, Fiji
Then: The former California advertising executive was on a first date when asked by a casting director if he and his date would like to appear on a reality show. Two days later, he was offered the opportunity to be a contestant on "Survivor."
Now: Was married in 2007; the wedding was featured on the Style Network
Todd Herzog
When: Season 15, China
Then: The openly gay contestant had a high-flying job and grew up in this Utah-based religious group.
Now: Stated in 2009 that he is dating another contestant and had to renounce his citizenship to collect his winnings
Parvati Shallow
When: Season 16; Micronesia
Then: Was a competitor in the female version of a male-dominated sport and competed in "Survivor: Cook Islands" before her winning season.
Now: Appeared in a surfing movie with a fellow contestant and competed on "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains."
Robert Crowley
When: Season 17, Gabon
Then: The father of two was a high school teacher and lived in "the Pine Tree State."
Now: As the oldest "Survivor" winner, he retired from teaching and has written his autobiography
James "J.T." Thomas Jr.
When: Season 18, Tocantins
Then: This Southerner worked and operated a ranch and graduated from Troy University.
Now: He returned to ranching, appeared on "Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains" and was among those on a sexy list.
Natalie White
When: Season 19, Samoa
Then: Originally from "the Natural State," White worked in sales
Now: She resides in her home state and maintains that she and the second-place finalist are "friends."
Jud Birza
When: Season 22, Nicaragua
Then: The California native was using his good looks for work and did work for a preppy clothing company. He was the youngest winner of the show, at 21.
Now: He was arrested this year on a drug charge after illegally skateboarding in Santa Monica, Calif., and appeared in a straight-to-DVD homoerotic horror movie.
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