The Most Intelligent Animals Of The World. Intelligence of animals can sometimes be a real hit. For example, a chimpanzee Kanzi at age 29, knows about 450 words and can communicate with a person using a computer. Every day he uses about 30-40 words. But not only chimpanzees are known for their incredible ability to think logically.

Pig has an excellent memory, and intuition, they speak in their name and understand the value of some other words. They have a complex social structure, and they better decide on thinking tests than some primates.

Grey parrot is considered to be a very intelligent bird. This type of parrot is striking in its intelligence and loyalty. So, the parrot Alex, who is engaged to an American scientist Irene Papperberg the University of Arizona, distinguishes about 50 different objects. Moreover, fluent and able to logically explain the distinction between different objects.

Elephants are very intelligent and emotional creatures. They grieve for the dead relatives and sometimes can detect them on the tusk and skull. They lie for days in the dead relatives, until they begin to decompose.

Sea lions also are animals who can think logically. Seven-year sea lion Rio proved the existence of logical thinking with the help of special tests, which determined that if a = b and b = c, then a = c.

Chimpanzees are well known for its ability to think. Recently it became known that they even plan their future, their thinking in advance how to proceed.

The dog has long been considered man's best friend and a very intelligent animal. Dogs can learn up to 300 words, their mind is compared to two years of the child mind.

Crows have the largest brain size among birds. They know how to think, learn and feel emotions. They are very resourceful and can even pick the right tool to perform a particular operation.

According to scientists, African baboons in terms of behavior similar to a person. They have complex social systems, they may experience stress and are able to think abstractly.

The ants were very clever creatures. They gather in huge groups and take to their smaller colonies to make slaves of them. They also know how to navigate by the sun.

Dolphins are one of the few animals on earth who can recognize themselves in the mirror. They know who their mother, the leader of their group and relate differently to their relatives.

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